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          Telescopic Boom Grab

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          ●Quick and convenient city vertical stereo construction tooling is convenient for construction is small and 

          stereo space;

          ●Easy maintenance, low cost and high yield; Reliable telescopic structure of teel wire rope, largely 

          improving its service life;

          ●Design in strict accordance with the safety standard of EU EN791, satisfying the requirements of 

          dynamic and static stability, ensuring the construction safety.

          Construction parameter of KM150
          Max.digging depth 15200mm
          Max.digging dradius  4670mm
           (reach Max.digging depth)
          Max.vertical digging dradius 6430mm
          Max.digging depth                      11825mm
          (reach Max.vertical digging draudius)
          Max.operating diadius 7950mm
          Max.hoisting height 2870mm
          Min.operating diadius 3980mm
          Max. operating height 9475mm
          Weight of teloscope boom 3600kg
          Excavator capacity ≥15t

          PER:KM220 NEXT:KM260
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