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          Pump Station

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          ●Good tooling of civil construction, used with pile breaker perfectly, low cost;

          ●Intelligent design of changing from wired to wireless control easily;
          ●Through electric power driving pile breaker, more convenient;
          ●Technical improvement with variable adjustment of power output, high efficiency and environment 
          ●International first-class air cooling makes motivation for a long time;
          ●Using high quality parts can be trustworthy.
          KPS22 technical specifications
          Service fluid 32#or46# anti-wear hydraulic oil
          Capacity of tank 320L
          Max. flow 120L/min
          Max. Working pressure 315bar
          Electrical machinery output 22KW
          Electrical machinery frequency 50Hz
          Electrical machinery electric pressure 380V
          Electrical machinery speed of rotation 1460rpm
          Working weight 880kg

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