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          Hydraulic Shell Bucket

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          KS45T hydraulic shell bucket is the accessory equipment of excavator meticulously produced by TYSIM,and can grab soil through excavator equipment. With touch type 360°turn, the device achieves the international ideal of “multipurpose operation of one machine’. According to a variety of different construction conditions, TYSIM Heavy R&D team carries on related performan match. Using hydraulic power, this machine has strong power, adjustable operation, high reliability and stability. With  TYSIM professional design grab, single bucket capacity up to 0.65 m³, greatly improve operational efficiency.This machine can also be used as simple grooving equipment and the maximum groove width is up to 1000mm.

          Technical specification
          Model numble KS45T
          Max. cylinder stroke 260 mm
          Max. cylinder pressure 300 bar
          Max. single cylinder flow 75 L/min
          Bucket Length 1510/1650 mm
          Bucket height 2450/2100 mm
          Bucket width 1000 mm
          Bucket capacity 0.65 m³
          Total weight 1 t
          Excavators 18-30 t

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