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          TYSIM KR285 Rotary Drilling Rig comes to Cambodia,Products All Over Southeast Asia

          Recently, two large and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs KR285C of TYSIM arrived at Sihanouk port in Cambodia and entered the construction state, marking that TYSIM rotary drilling rigs have been sold to every country in Southeast Asia.
          As a new brand of rotary drilling rigs in China, TYSIM has become a well-known brand with complete series of small rotary drilling rigs and Caterpillar products.Since the launch of caterpillar products in 2017, after two years of market validation and upgrading, the Carter chassis products of TYSIM brand have five models of KR90C, KR125C,KR165C, KR220C and KR285C, which have been trusted and supported by customers.At present, TYSIMrotary drilling rig has been sold to more than 20 countries such as the United States and Australia, and Carter chassis series products have also been exported to Australia, Turkey, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and other countries and regions.
          KR285C rotary drilling rig construction
          Based on the excellent domestic product design and high-quality supply chain system, TYSIM has been deeply involved in the international market, gradually established a good international brand image, maintained a high proportion of exports in the same industry, and also reflected that the brand of TYSIM has been recognized by international professional customers. The company also always adheres to the core value orientation of "creating value for customers", starts from customer demand, strives to make every product, puts quality and service first, and strives to build a professional brand of TYSIM.
          KR285C rotary digger core taken out by the drill