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          The cooperation of Tysim machinery and Shanghai construction successfully entered the Uzbek market

                  In the past few days, Tysim machinery entered Uzbekistan with three rotary drilling rigs to undertake the foundation construction project of three bank headquarters buildings in the CBD of Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. As an important planning project of China’s “The Belt and Road” on land, it’s also the leading project for the construction of CBD financial center. Due to the tight schedule and important task, this project has received the support and attention of Uzbek government. Our KR220 and KR285 piling rigs provided a solid foundation guarantee for this project.
          Tysim rotary drilling rigs are in the construction site of Uzbek project
                  Tysim machinery actively adapt to the national” the Belt and Road” policy, gradually expanded its project service, continued to explore the new milestones in overseas markets. The start of this project was concerned by the Uzbek infrastructure construction units, which make a success of the Tysim equipment into a new market.
                  With the maturity of Tysim machinery middle type rotary drilling rigs KR220 and KR285, Tysim company has gradually completed the initial establishment of the “ focus on small and middle rotary drilling rig, manufacturing industry leading excellent products,  create an internationally famous brand of piles industry”. The company will continue to focus on efficient quality and service. In the subdivided products, relying on independent innovation, continuously optimize product performance, and to a broader international market and stage, for China’s manufacturing, winning glory for China’s construction machinery industry. 
          Tysim rotary drilling rigs are in the construction site of Uzbek project