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EMGCaterpillar Olobal Sales General Manager and His Party Visit TYSIMBooth

It’s the first time that TYSIM took a small rotary drilling rig to participate in the 2019 Germany BAUMA Exhibition, which attracted industry attention. This exhibition is the first time that a Chinese-made rotary drilling rig has made its debut in the world's first construction machinery exhibition, and competes with various famous brands on the same stage. International clients and their domestic counterparts are visiting one after another. The general manager of global sales and services of Caterpillar OEM took the general manager of Europe and the head of China to visit TYSIM to learn about the cooperation of the Caterpillar circled drilling rig, and introduced the features and advantages of the new products of Carter OEM.

The two sides exchanged views on the follow-up development of the Caterpillar chassis rotary drilling rig, and agreed to strengthen follow-up cooperation, strive to promote the promotion of the Caterpillar chassis rotary drilling rig in the domestic market, and actively promote the reliance of TYSIM on the Caterpillar international service system, Build a well-known international brand of pile workers.
In recent days, there has been a steady stream of foreign customers coming to the TYSIM exhibition area. All are interested in the equipment of TYSIM. After an in-depth understanding of the high-quality products of TYSIM, we marveled at it. With the internationalization of Chinese manufacture, More and more domestic brands go to the world. As one of the brands in the field of small piles, TYSIM is willing to establish contact with more customers at home and abroad, so that more customers can recognize the quality of TYSIM. At the same time, TYSIM will also continue to bring continuously innovative products to the market. Meet the actual needs of different types of customers, create high cost-effective products.
With the continued popularity of the construction machinery industry, more than 100 piling brands participated in the exhibition, and as many as 20 rotary drilling rig brands in Europe participated in the exhibition. It’s believed that through the participation of a few days, foreign users will have a better understanding of TYSIM. At the same time, it can strengthen the exchange and cooperation between brands, and lay a good foundation for the future development of TYSIM