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TYSIM Annual Meeting Special Series | Five Years of Spring and Autumn, Hand in Hand to Move Forward

    The time flies and the new year begins. January 26, TYSIM "five years of Spring and Autumn, Hand in Hand to Move Forward" 2019 New Spring Annual Meetingis hot opening, Also with AntengMachinery, Highrate andXinliangcelebrate at the same stage.

    At the beginning of the annual meeting, Xin Peng, general manager of TYSIM, fully affirmed the achievements made by all members of the company in the past year and encouraged everyone to take a step by step in the new year.

Mr Xin’s 2018 general summary
    At the scene of annual meeting, TYSIMinternational department, research and development department, manufacturing department, sales department and other departments dedicated to the wonderful annual meeting program, careful preparation, creative performance elicited applause at the scene, cheering incessantly.
Program“Rare Words by International Department"
    The development of TYSIM in the past five years has also sprung up many outstanding talents. The development of TYSIM cannot be separated from the exemplary leadership of excellent teams and employees, and its efforts will eventually be rewarded.At the scene of the annual meeting, the "Excellent Staff Award", "Outstanding New Talent Award", "Excellent Team Award" and other awardswas awarded.TYSIM thanks everyone for their excellent performance over the past year, encouraging them to continue to create brilliant.

    2019 TYSIM annual meeting ison the perfect endin a happy and laughing. Looking back on 2018, TYSIM honed ahead. Looking forward to 2019, TYSIM staff will take a brand new attitude, high morale to meet the new challenges!