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TYSIM series of small hydraulic piling rig through CE certification

RecentlyTYSIM full range of small and middle hydraulic piling rigs successfully passed the European CE certification, obtaining the permission to enter European market. After the AVT certification company rigorous assessment, confirmed TYSIM KR series of small piling rigs in compliance with the European Union EN791 standard, and meet the requirements of the European security, environmental and consumer protection, and a series of indicators, granted to get CE certification.

CE certification is mandatory certification standards in the EU market, the "CE" logo is to enter the European market entry permit, and has become a symbol of high standard, high quality products of various countries.

TYSIM PILING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is the sole professional national high-tech enterprise of R&D and manufacturing small and middle piling equipment in China. With over 40 patents, TYSIM KR series of small piling rigs are suitable for various civil and urbanization construction projects. KR series of small piling rigs have gained well reputation in both China and abroad customers in the construction projects for subway, viaduct and residential buildings. Exported to Australia, Russia, Thailand, Argentina, Zambia and other countries, TYSIM piling rigs will become the optimal machinery for the urbanization infrastructure construction.

TYSIM as the only professional enterprise that has developed from middle to small piling rigs, through the series products getting CE certification, TYSIM gets a pass for Chinese small hydraulic piling rigs into European market.

TYSIM series of pilling rig CE certification

Until now TYSIM the whole series of pilling rig will have CE logo, that is representative of TYSIM people's commitment to the world.

Following the full range ofpile breaker through CE certification, full range of pilling rig through the CE certification, TYSIM has taken a key step of internationalization, which marks TYSIM mechanical capability of independent innovation and market development ability to move towards a new height.