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TYSIM Machinery small rotary drilling rig becomes the industry’s focus in Beijing BICES 2015

On September 22 to 25, the 13th China (Beijing) International Construction Machinery Exhibition & Seminar (BICES 2015), held in New Beijing International Exhibition Center. China SINOMACH Heavy Industry Corporation joined hands with Jiangsu Tysim Piling Machinery Co., Ltd., together with overall transportation rotary drilling rig KR125A, joint in the outdoor show of this exhibition. During the 4-day exhibition, Tysim Machinery small rotary drilling rig received attention from domestic and foreign customers in the piling machinery of this exhibition, and became the focus of piling machine of this Beijing exhibition.

This Beijing exhibition is smaller than the previous years’ exhibition, and the peer’s communication and technology discussion became the new theme of this exhibition. There are 4 sets of rotary drilling rigs from 3 companies in this exhibition, including the KR125A rotary drilling rig that is the cooperation between SINOMACH and Tysim Machinery. KR125A is the most popular type of rotary drilling rigs of low energy consumption and overall transportation between the two sides’ cooperation. In recent years the domestic major piling companies focus on the development of big rotary drilling rig, and pay less attention to the small rotary drilling rig that is small production and designing complicated. Based on the urbanization construction, from the establishment of Tysim Machinery, Tysim focuses on the development and promotion of small rotary drilling rig, has developed a series of small rotary drilling rigs, and becomes the attention of more and more customers. Currently Tysim Machinery’s small rotary drilling rigs have exported to 7 countries around the world (Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Russia, Argentina, Zambia, Argentina, and Thailand), and the quality of products win the domestic and international customers’ recognition and praise.

Because of the excellent product quality and good service, Tysim Machinery’s KR125M customer from Australia made s special trip to visit Tysim in this exhibition, and looked for more cooperation in the machine procurement and construction method support with Tysim, to expand more market of Australia. In this exhibition, delicate product’s appearance of Tysim Machinery, is in the perfect contrast with the powerful platform of SINOMACH, and leads the high recognition and attention of clients and peers to the small rotary drilling rig from Tysim.

From the comprehensive situation of this exhibition, although with the trend of the construction machinery market, the machinery declines, while the niche products such as small rotary drilling rig and the hydraulic aerial cage continue to be popular, and there will be more and more segments of the products that will be better in the exploiting market and meeting customers’ requirements. As the only technology company focusing on small rotary drilling rig market, Tysim Machinery will gradually promote the application of small rotary drilling rig in civil foundation construction market, and achieve the company goal of “domestic first-class, internationally renowned”.