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TYSIM Pile Breakers Develop the Brazilian Market Triumphantl

Brazil, a country with passion, will hold two large-scale sport competitions: 2014 Football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. Two major sports events brought unprecedented chances and business opportunities for Brazil. Today, on stadium project site building activities are in full swing. On the pile site in Sao Paulo, the KP315 pile breaker from China TYSIM caught the attention of the local pile professionals.

TYSIM KP315 went to work when it first came to Sao Paulo on Nov.2013. KP315 Pile Breaker’s highly stability and efficiency of construction not only increase the work speed, save working time, reduce working cost, but also win the Brazilian customer's brief for TYSIM. At the beginning of 2014, good news from Brazilian agents, Pile Breaker construction method is promoted smoothly, and purchase two more KP series of Pile Breakers.

Pile Breakers are more widely used in developed countries, to save precious human resource and increase working efficiency. KP series of Pile Breakers are professional and highly efficient equipment making by TYSIM. And TYSIM has obtained core 6 patents, including one invention patent.

TYSIM pile breakers have made a good reputation in overseas site, exported to America, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries triumphantly. Construction without interference in Brazil of KP series of pile breakers marks the successful development of the South American market. In China, this break pile construction method is also being gradually accepted by domestic pile construction workers, which could foresee the gradual promotion of domestic labor costs and constant advancement of the construction requirements. TYSIM’s KP series of pile breakers are bound to be the standard equipment to break pile.