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          TYSIM Small Rotary Drilling Rig Develops New Mining Business in Australia

          At the end of December2015, The president Mr. George of Emmanuel Christianos from Australia visited TYSIM for the small rotary drilling rig. TYSIM General Manager Mr. Xin Peng introduced the products and service.

          It’s known that rotary drilling rig is used to drill foundation pile. In 2015, TYSIM small rotary drilling rig developed new function in Australia for drilling opal. Starting to mine opal at the beginning of 1950, the George family is the largest opal miner and exporter in Australia. Opal is known as the most beautiful gem in the world with colorful colors. Opal is also known as the national treasure of Australia because of Australian large production of great opal. In the past decades, Christianos company has used many machines for mining opal from the original artificial winch to modern bulldozer. As the best black opal is in the Lightning ridge with worse mining conditions now, the Christianos company plans to buy rotary drilling rig to improve the efficiency. Mr. George is the second Australian miner who visited TYSIM since the first Australian miner Aaron in 2013. Mr. George saw the working of TYSIM KR80A rotary drilling rig in Australia.

          TYSIM KR80A Drilling Opal in Australia

          During this visit, Mr. George inspected TYSIM small rotary drilling rig. TYSIM engineers gave professional reply for his questions.

          Besides, according to the geological condition in Lightning ridge, TYSIM engineers recommendthe suitable type of rotary drilling rig and drilling tools, and give some advice about the construction. After in-depth discussion, Mr. George recognizes with TYSIM small rotary drilling rig and thinks that it’s suitable for mining opal with drilling more than 3 holes in one day. Mr. George also expects to drill more opals to improve the company production value.

          The function of TYSIM rotary drilling rig from drilling foundation pile to mining opal in Australia shows that TYSIM has unlimited potential in small rotary drilling rig. It is also fully proved that good quality products will have the chance to be recognized and have the developing space.

          It’s known that TYSIM small rotary drilling rigs have developed International market, and have been exported to Australia, New Zealand, Zambia, Argentina, Russia, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, and Indonesia. TYSIM also develops the sales network in Middle East, India, North Africa and others. Focusing on R & D of small and middle rotary drilling rig, TYSIM is dedicated to create more valve for customers with the aim of building the domestic first-class & Internationally renowned professional manufacturer of small rotary drilling rig.