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          TYSIM Machinery “Green Star” KR80 Rotary Drilling Rig Off Line and Delivery

          Report from our correspondent, the "Green Star" international version of KR80 small rotary drilling rig, be created by JiangSu TYSIM lasted one year, is officially unveiled.The light is not only the appearance of novel green coating, also an increase of more control system upgrade, simplify the operation interface layer to the 2 layer, add multiple hotkey function, realize the fast switching of the various movements, more convenient operation. New application of rotary testing system and sounding system, higher reliability, more accurate output precision. And the drilling bucket bottom protection function, new joined, protect the hoist better, and ensure that the use of wire rope high life.

          This type of small rotary drilling rig, followed by the EU design standard EN791, is the latest product of realizing the "top-down" design, fully optimizes the structure and weight distribution, achieves the best matching the performance of the whole machine, and will become the star models of small rotary drilling rigs in domestic and foreign markets.

          The launch of the "Green Star" new painting is on the basis of TYSIM Machinery digging in the yellow coating on the Atlas Series of rotating, and is the masterpiece of collaboration with the professional industrial design company. Its appearance is more beautiful, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, and it caters to the international market demand for personalized appearance. The traditional yellow of the engineering machinery represents the warning and reminding, but the green internationally often represents moral upward and peace, so in some countries and customers more pro gaze bright green coating. This release is the TYSIM Machinery new product of upgraded the performance, that TYSIM meets the personalized needs of customers in order to expand the international market.

          TYSIM Machinery has committed the development and popularization of the small and medium-sized rotary drilling rigs, at present the small rotary drilling rigs have been exported to Australia, Argentina, Thailand, Russia, Brazil and other countries, and our company has established a partnership with Turkey and India agents. Our company is growing as a contender for the international piling brand, gradually becomes a new business card of Chinese piling machinery brand with excellent quality, and creates an international "Chinese manufacturing" famous brand of small and medium-sized rotary drilling rig.

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