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          TYSIM participated in Las Vegas exhibition and expands market in North America together with agents

          Three-year term of the construction machinery industry event----U.S. Construction Machinery Exhibition was held in Las Vegas on March 2014. As one of the three international major machinery exhibitions(Las Vegas exhibition,Shanghai BMW exhibition and France Intermat exhibition), Las Vegas exhibition is the largest exhibition except Shanghai BMW exhibition, it was jointly held by AEM, NRMCA and NSSGA. This exhibition displayed the latest design and products in international construction machinery industry, and it is more to match the US and the North America construction market demand.
          TYSIM and agents in the US participate in the exhibition, and this will lay the solid foundation for a better develop the US and neighboring market.

          The exhibition fully reflects the latest international construction machinery industry trends. More small products of many manufacturers fully reflected new trends of construction machinery miniaturization and specialization on the international market. Especially, small machinery is more than a half on the exhibition area. It is accord with the international market trends and needs, which TYSIM products are targeted at small and medium-size Rotary drilling rig and excavator attachments.
          On the exhibition, it has famous pile company around the word. Technology person in TYSIM visit and research the benchmarking products from MAIT, TESCAR, BAUER, GEAX and so on. Looking for the gap and direction for achieving the goals of “making professional small and medium pile driving machinery” for TYSIM.
          After this exhibition, all TYSIM colleagues firm the developing direction of “Becoming the pacesetter of small and medium-sized pile machinery industry”, always start from the details,  tireless efforts, enhance all sides, build Chinese own small and medium-sized pile machinery brand.