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          TYSIM launches fresh telescopic boom product and new method of foundation trench construction

          TYSIM is adhering to the concept of focusing on small pile machinery’s development and extension as always. It makes persistent efforts to launch telescopic boom clamshells, also named extended arm clamshells, which is widely used in construction of deep foundation trench, on the basis of the predecessor ‘s achievement, KINHAN’s , which is a leader in the small pile machinery field.
          Due to the limited urban land resources and the rapid development of urban construction, the buildings become higher and higher in recent years,   so are the support underground facilities such as parking lots. So the first step in the foundation construction, supporting protection of trench and excavation engineering, has lots of work to do. Deep foundation trench supporting protection construction can be seen everywhere in the city that depth is often over 20 m, with an area of over 5000㎡. 
          In order to meet the demand of large quantities of foundation trench construction, TYSIM collaborates with JCM to launch the telescopic arm clamshells product. It not only lays the TYSIM’s foundation for becoming the pacesetter of small and medium-sized pile machinery industry, but also extends JCM’s series of excavator construction methods. So its multi-functional assistant is the trend in the future with the growing number of excavator. The market that being composed by professional manufacturer of excavators and small assistant manufacturer is bound to bring new impact.
          On the basis of KS45T clamshells, KM series of telescopic boom products perfect the telescopic boom’s function to achieve great depth of excavation which expands excavator application. It will be widely employed in the subway construction and deep foundation pit soil construction of high-rise building.

          Excavator uniting with matched telescopic boom clamshells can fulfill the wildly deep digging soil work, which is the most effective tools for underground engineering construction. Moreover, it designs to simple to control, easy to install and convenient to maintain, which realizes low cost and high efficiency.
          Telescopic boom’s matched KS45T series of clamshells also use hydraulic power, which have characteristics of large holding force, flexible operation, large capacity, highly reliability and stability. Besides, being added to various excavators, telescopic arm, rotating drill platform can be used to dig directly and ditch simply to apply to city’s supporting seepage control engineering.
          This product is widely used in developed countries, and there are only a small amount of Carter pillar and Hitachi second-hand products to be used in the domestic .TYSIM introduces KM series of telescopic boom products not only to fill the domestic gaps in the field of engineering machinery market, and it also becomes another prerequisite products in the field of deep foundation pit construction.
          Meanwhile, in recent years, with the gradual ending of large-scale investment and construction, we can see that there will be over 1.2 million excavator user groups, and they will be bound to purchase a variety of multi-functional assistive devices, extend its field of use excavators to creating higher returns for themselves.
                Use Hitachi telescopic arm clamshells for subway station foundation pit in Shanghai