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          Diaphragm Wall Grab

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          Diaphragm wall grab is a conventional diaphragm wall grooving equipment which is carefully designed by TYSIM. Its working device can be operated by using the crawler crane equipment, realizing the international concept of "multi-function machine". It is the professional design achievement of TYSIM’s R & D team after doing various performance matching under different construction conditions, and comprehensive analysis of stability, with the features of strong power, high reliability and stability. The working device is a pure mechanical structure, with simple structure, easy operation and maintenance. Equipped with TYSIM’s professional designed grab bucket, the single bucket’s capacity can be up to 1.3 cubic meters, greatly improving working efficiency. With groove width of 400-600mm and the maximum groove depth can of 150 meters, diaphragm wall grab is the ideal choice of conventional underground construction grooving equipment.

          Technical specification
          Groove width 400-800mm
          Groove length 3200mm
          Depth of the groove 0-60m
          Grab weight 9-11.5t
          Excavation volum 0.85-1.3m³
          Excavators weight 2-3t
          Crawler cranes ≤40t
          requirements pull 200KN


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